Thank you! 2018 Food Show


Thank you to all who has attended the our 14th annual Food Show! It was a great success and by far the best show yet. We look forward to another wonderful event next year.

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Aoki Hamono Seiryu Damascus

This is a Japanese knife made by combination of very hard Blue-2 steel and layered Damascus steel to achieve both extreme sharpness of the edge and gracefullness of the knife design.

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The soft materials that are used for both surfaces make the cutting board so blade-friendly that prolong the edge sharpness. Also grippy surfaces prevent ingredients from moving when cutting, and allow more delicate cuts.

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Signature of the Samurai clan.

A fruity aroma and rich taste evoking Japanese fine muskmelon, along with umami and its accompanying sweetness, make for a very drinkable sake. While ideal for those new to sake, the rich flavor also makes it well suited as an aperitif or starter drink, as well as just the right drink with sweet sauce meat dishes or tomato sauce stew.
It should be very well chilled even more than ordinary sake.

The name Lei comes from the wagtail, a sacred creature in Japanese mythology and messenger of the gods. The official signature of Date Masamune, founder of the Sendai Domain, happens to resemble the long flowing tail of this bird.